The Author

Rev. Dr. Patrick E. Quainoo is the founder and Senior Pastor of Christian Faith Ministries, U.S.A. and ICFM, Ghana, and Patrick Quainoo Ministries which is a Non- Profit Ministry that seeks to advance the socio-economic status of God’s people especially the youth, our future generation. As an Apostle of Faith, Dr. Quainoo preaches and teaches the word of God with an Anointing that breaks the religious and denominational mind set of God's people.

Rev. Dr. Patrick Quainoo is a powerful and reverting conference speaker, Preacher and Teacher of the word of God. He has a deep passion to see eradication of poverty and ignorance amongst well-meaning people as they receive knowledge and understanding of the times we live in.

Dr. Quainoo is heard weekly on Faith Moments, a Weekly Radio Broadcast in Ghana on SUNNY 88.7. A product of Community College of Philadelphia, Temple University and Ruwach Institute and Fellowship.

THE Book

Democracy has seemingly outward appeal but inward characteristics of evil and deception, because God (YAHWEH) has no place in it. It is about the rule of man’s laws and not God’s law, therefore there is no absolute truth that exist in democracy, but absolute truth in God’s law. In a democratic view, since no one possesses absolute truth, all side to an argument or discussion must be given free expression because no truth is so certain that it may not be challenged; Not even the truth of democracy itself. In the end when tension looms, then there is an unending appeal for tolerance.

With time, democracy has developed from a largely northern European style of governance to a worldwide phenomenon in the 21st century. Consequently, almost everybody today consider democracy to be the ideal form of government, under a widely accepted consensus that it is a government of choice in the global market place of social systems, but how true is it?

As you read this book, I pray that you will be enlightened in the knowledge of God; so as you are NOT tossed about by any wind of doctrines of men, but by God.