Patrick Quainoo Ministries inspire and impact nations through various charitable activities.

This ministry believes in reaching out to the needy and showing love to the vulnerable in times of disturbing occurrences such as floods, earthquake disaster etc.

Our charitable activitiesare evident in countriesincluding the US, Ghana and Haiti. In Ghana, orphanages including Osu Children’s Home in Accra   and Volta Home Orphanage in the Volta Region have benefited from our generosity.

The Ministry also went to the aid of Haiti in the wake of the earthquake disaster that claimed thousands of lives by donating relief items to the Body of Christ of Dechapel in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

The Ministry is also involved in the Angel Tree project,an annual program where Christmas gifts are presented to children of prisoners on behalf of the incarcerated parent(s). This offers an awesome opportunity to impact positive thinking life-style in the kids.

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